A little bit about The iPlatform

The Company

Launched in early 2008, The iPlatform is a London based technology company that specializes in building social applications for the Facebook and Facebook Connect Platforms, as well as code libraries and internal platforms to allow new applications to be rolled out quickly, and supported effectively even as Facebook's own APIs change rapidly. 

The Company works with some of the biggest agencies and brands in the UK and Europe, delivering multiple major Facebook based brand campaigns every month. Clients include Google, McDonalds, The Economist, Nestle, Unilever, Diageo, ITV, Channel Five, Jack Daniel’s, Sport Relief, Comic Relief, Swatch, Fairtrade, HP, Ministry of Sound, The FA, E! Entertainment and Facebook, to name but a few. The iPlatform was the first PDC (Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant) in Europe and the UK. 

Being a PDC enables us to develop long term, robust apps as we keep a close relationship with Facebook and are constantly kept up to date with their ever-changing roadmap. It also gives us insight as to any bugs on the platform and the opportunity to escalate any issues and bugs we see arising. The PDC program's goal is to build a vibrant community to improve and expand worldwide Platform implementations by giving experienced client-facing developers increased communication, guidance and access to Facebook technologies and resources.

The Team

Suzannah Baker

Commercial Director

Sooze is Commercial Director and the figurehead of iPlatform. Sooze has extensive knowledge on the most effective ways for brands to utilise the Facebook platform and has worked with a variety of blue chip brands and major agencies to help design, deliver and manage marketing campaigns based around social platforms.

Leighton James

Technical Director

Leighton has vast experience in building different types of web apps using a variety of technologies and is a recent adopter of Python and Django. Leighton has direct experience in providing technical support, and enjoys the client facing aspect of the role.

Eamonn Gahan

Senior Developer

Eamonn is interested in all things related to science and technology (particularly Python and Django these days). He likes to swim, play video games and eat food that he has not cooked himself.

Alex Brown

Junior Developer

Alex is our resident gadgeteer, with a huge passion for modern technology, programming and all things electronic. In his free time he likes to stay active in the gym, eat plenty of food and travel.

Sneha Bedi

Project Manager

Sneha is a Project Manager at The iPlatform. With a Masters in Media Management, she is hugely passionate about the digital landscape, in particular, the social one. She has experience of managing numerous projects for both the private and public sector. Sneha is an avid reader and enjoys photography and documenting her journeys.