BlackBerry Red Alerts

Created by Suzannah Baker on Fri 17th Aug 2012

London advertising agency, Table19, approached us to develop an app for their client, BlackBerry. The objective is to engage users with the brand using the alert notification light, a feature unique to the Blackberry phone. The campaign: BlackBerry Red Alerts.

The user flow is simple and engaging. The user signs up to the app on Facebook before the challenges are opened. From doing so they receive a weekly email, which triggers the BlackBerry notification light to flash red, alerting them that a challenge is released. The weekly challenges were held for four consecutive weeks and are composed of multiple-choice questions and photo upload challenges.


There is a gallery of the challenges allowing users to view other entries, Like and Share their entry with their friends and invite others to play. The winner of each challenge is selected on a weekly basis and the prizes on offer range from an exclusive BlackBerry T-Shirt to a BlackBerry tablet. 

Anyone can enter, regardless of whether or not being a BlackBerry customer, though for the namesake it functions better with a BlackBerry Red Alert notification!

The BlackBerry Red Alerts app was initially launched on the BlackBerry France fan page and as it has been developed to support other languages, we hope to see it released on others in the near future.

To join in the fun click here: 

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