Django 1.4

Created by Tom Kingston on Thu 23rd Aug 2012

Here at The iPlatform we not only want our clients to know about the amazing applications we build, but also the software we use to build them. This blog aims to give insight to both the tech savvy, and those just wanting to try and make sense of it!

The developers at The iPlatform use Python, a high level programming language to build our applications. In order to create the most efficient applications possible, they use Django, a web application framework that aims to ease the development of database-driven apps and websites and help build apps of a high quality, quickly, using less code.

The iPlatform uses the latest version of Django: Django 1.4 to deliver all projects. Released in March 2012, it features a wide range of additions to the already highly regarded Django framework. Django's excellent internationalisation features have been upgraded, with additional tools to add languages and locales to URLs. This is really useful for providing bespoke content to users in different countries and works particularly well with The iPlatform's in-house tools for multilingual apps. We have created many global applications for clients including Diageo, Hewlett Packard and Swatch (which was in 14 different languages and sat on 20 different platforms), so having these tools is key.

The security improvements available with Django 1.4 help us offer even better protection for sensitive data and include the following: improved password hashing, new tools for cryptographic signing (digital signatures that confirms authenticity of a digital message or document), several CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) improvements, and simple clickjacking protection, which means that the user is less vulnerable to accidentally and unknowingly revealing confidential information. Especially useful when you are building an application for a loans company!

By taking advantage of these latest features, The iPlatform continue as leaders in web development, providing highly secure and efficient applications that conform to coding best practice.

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Whether you are a social butterfly or still in your cocoon, The Social Sessions offer you and your team a thorough overview of the Facebook platform. They will provide you with an understanding of building and managing communities and harnessing the power of your fans. There will also be a super geek on hand to answer and technical questions you may have!


We have a close relationship with Facebook, giving us insight into their roadmap and enabling us to build long-term robust applications and social campaigns. We want to use this knowledge to educate brands and agencies about Facebook, to help create really effective social campaigns that deliver results.


The iPlatform, Facebook's first UK PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer), has created The Social Sessions: a series of talks on the Facebook platform tailored to your specific needs. These are private one-to-one sessions with our team and yours. They last up to half a day and are designed to give you a greater understanding of Facebook.