Sony Entertainment Network - Ibiza

Created by Suzy Morrison on Mon 13th Aug 2012

Four years of building User Generated Content (UGC) applications has taught us that one of the most effective ways for brands to engage their fans is through competitions and quizzes; combining engaging content with a great prize that fans want to share with their friends. 

Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) wanted to engage with their users in order to talk about their product but needed a way in which to do this. We built them a bespoke application designed to engage their users with fun content and allow them to showcase their product. Users were asked to upload a photo of something that entertains them for the chance to win three nights in Ibiza with a friend.

Fans were able to upload a photo from their desktop, mobile, tablet or Facebook album. Once they had chosen their photo they could then see a preview of the image and have the option of experimenting with different filters before uploading it and entering the competition. With apps like Instagram taking the social media world by storm, The iPlatform saw an opportunity to take the already popular idea of photo manipulation, and create a bespoke selection of filters for the app, creating a more personal touch for the user. As over 70% of users time is spent looking at and sharing photo's, it's key to invest in what users already enjoy doing in Facebook and harness it in interesting and new ways.

The application was available in 5 European languages including French, Spanish and Dutch and sat on the relevant Sony Entertainment Network fan page for each country. With a global fan page, one issue can be that it is one message to all. By each fan page having its own competition it means the admins of the fan pages are then able to send out their own unique messages relevant to that country. As much as building fan numbers is key, it is important to keep the brands identity strong and relevant to its users within that country. Different markets may have different approaches when they speak to their users and not all countries may herald the same message.

As the competition drew to a close, the top ten photos for each fan page, selected by judges from SEN, were put into a gallery and from there it was up to the entrants to encourage friends to visit the application and vote for their entry. The user/photo with the most votes won the competition and the trip to Ibiza with the prize for second place being a Playstation Vita, and third place an Xperia Smartphone both with six months free access to Music Unlimited. By getting users to request votes from friends more people visited the fan pages and the application creating a larger audience and increasing brand awareness.

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