The Outlook for 2011

Created by The iPlatform on Tue 25th Jan 2011

The Guardian and the Financial Times asked our CEO Joshua March what he is looking forward to for 2011 and here are some of his hot tips for tech startups this year.

What We've Learnt from 2010:

  • You simply cannot ignore social networking.

  • We see a real acceptance of the dominance and importance of Facebook (and Twitter, to some extent).

  • Businesses shift marketing budget into social platforms in huge amounts.

  • Businesses dedicate real resource across departments - especially customer support.

  • Before you spend any money, get the communication management right.

  • Encourage existing customers to join you online before spending money advertising to reach others.

  • When you get people to click that 'Like' button on Facebook, what it really gives you is the ability to speak to them.

What to Expect in 2011:
  • Investment bankers expect to make a lot of money from all the online chatter.
  • Tech startups over the past couple of years have been showing real growth in terms of users, customers, and importantly revenue.
  • In 2011 a lot of tech startups are going to break out as major international companies, which will encourage more venture investment into UK companies, at earlier stages.
As for me, I can't wait to see how these tech startups will show how there's a lot more to London's future than Wimbledon, the Royal Family and the 2012 Olympics.

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