What we do

March 10th, 2009

We help companies get into social networks. It’s that simple.

The iPlatform team assisted us in setting up major show presences across multiple social network platforms, allowing us to distribute content virally. They worked extremely hard and delivered projects on short notice, and we’ll be continuing to work with them in the future


How do we help?

The iPlatform team have experience in all aspects of social networks; from community building, setting up fan pages, groups and Twitter accounts, to building bespoke social applications and campaigns. We also build our own proprietary technology, focusing on integration of social network platforms.

iPlatform Technology

The iPlatform is a framework for hosting applications across multiple social networks with a single build.

Saving money, time and effort through:

  • one simplified interface to build apps working on Facebook, Bebo and MySpace rather than dealing with the wildly different platforms for each social network
  • access existing social network features such as news feed, friends, profile information through a single API
  • requires only standard web development techniques
  • updates to reflect changes in the social network platforms, removing need for continuous maintenance of applications with specialist knowledge

Get in touch

Email us here.

Listen to co-founder and CTO Dan Lester talk about the iPlatform technology

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