Who are we?

March 27th, 2009

Joshua March

When the social networks launched their first application platforms in 2007, Joshua March and Dan Lester saw a big opportunity. Josh, in London, had experience in previous ecommerce and social network businesses, and began working with developers to build Facebook applications for clients and advise them on their social networking strategy, and helped to set up the Facebook Developer Garage London (which he now hosts).

Meanwhilst, Dan, who had several years behind him developing for large corporates before leaving to go travelling, decided to stop off in Silicon Valley where he built Open Socket, an innovative programme allowing Open Social applications to run on Facebook. It was innovative enough that he presented it at Google HQ, and on returning to London at the beginning of 2008 presented it to the Facebook Developer Garage.

At around the same time, Josh had been doing a community mapping exercise for a major premiership football club, and discovered that over twenty times the amount of fans were actively discussing the club across the major social networks than on the club’s own forum. He started looking into technology that would allow a website or application like a community forum to be accessed in multiple social networks at once.

Dan Lester

After meeting at the Facebook Developer Garage, Dan and Josh began to discuss the concept for the technology framework, and within a few months iPlatform was born. Since then the team has grown, and as well as providing the core iPlatform technology, we help companies get into social networks through bespoke design and development, community mapping, page creation and more. We’ve worked from large corporate and charity clients like ITV and Comic Relief to innovative start-ups like Brave New Talent.

You can read Josh’s blog here, follow his random thoughts and links on twitter here, and follow Dan here.

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