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Help Red Nose Day ‘09 - Donate Your Status to Comic Relief!

March 10th, 2009

Do your part - donate your status to Comic Relief

Do your part - donate your status to Comic Relief

This Friday it’s Red Nose day 2009, in support of Comic Relief, a charity campaign which, in over 20 years, has raised over £500m to support projects across the globe, from helping disadvantaged young people in the UK, to supporting those in dire poverty or suffering from HIV and AIDs in third world countries.

They teamed up with iPlatform to allow Facebook users to donate their status’s to help spread the word about Red Nose Day this week - the app has launched today. Click here to go to the app and donate your status!

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iPlatform team win Comic Relief Hackathon

March 10th, 2009

Funny for Money!

A few weeks ago the Facebook Developer Garage organised a charity hackathon for Comic Relief. You can see more information at It was kindly sponsored by Everycity, Microsoft and Adknowledge.

iPlatform teamed up with Wakari and Mo.Jo to produce the ‘Funny for Money’ application, which ended up winning the judges vote. The app has a simple mechanism for users to upload jokes, and encourage their friends to vote for their jokes by buying digital red noses, donating money to Comic Relief as they go.

See the app here.

The winning team - Sam, Mat, Dan and Josh

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